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Love without Borders


My new book' LOVE BEYOND BORDERS ISBN: 9789384439736 for print and for e-book ISBN: 9789384439743,is out in Jan.2016.It’s a good read. It is also available on all major distributors.

Ibrahim my grandson, he is a Harvard University graduate. He like my book LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS  and I hope you will also like it.

The Afghans


My latest project is a fictional narration of three generations of a prominent Afghan family, spanning from the invasion and subsequent occupation by the then superpower USSR, the coming to power of the Taliban government, to American occupation and a future withdrawal of foreign forces, leaving behind a free Afghanistan.

The narration follows the family’s escapades throughout those tumultuous times. From valiantly fighting against Soviet Russia while being part of the resistance movement, to helping but then opposing the backward Taliban government, to indulging in gun-running and the vicious drug trade. This sweeping epic follows these influential Pashtoons to a gripping climax.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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