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Doulat ki Tapish


In this novel, the author discusses the role of materialism in today’s society. The author discusses how materialism is causing a decrease in family values, moral values and work ethic.

This book got a certificate of commendation from the National Book Foundation for the promotion of children’s literature.



Afzal is the young son of a brick kiln worker who is forced to quit school and work at the kiln, because his father falls ill. A group of children between the ages of 13-16 years from well-off families have formed a youth club and they get to know about his predicament.  They set out to help Afzal.

This book also got a certificate of commendation from the National Book Foundation for promotion of children literature.

Afzal Ka Khuwab

The suffering of bonded labour, is the main theme of this novel. It discusses the problems of brick kiln labor and their children, many of whom are forced to work for low wages in brick kilns because of large amounts of debt they owe the owners. The message of this novel is the education can overcome these problems.

Chuppa Dushman

Chuppa Dushman, highlights the problem of that is Tuberculosis, and creates awareness regarding the prevention of TB and getting early treatment. Many of the problems of TB are caused by the lack of education and understanding and early prevention. The author suggests that children can do wonders if they are properly guided about tuberculosis.

Sarab kay Sodagar

Drug Abuse is a major problem for today's society, ravaging families. The author suggests early intervention is of great importance to quit drug addiction. This can help a family can escape the consequences of drug abuse and addiction. 

Pairon say zamein nikal gai

This book is about the horrible earthquake in Kashmir that resulted in thousands of lost lives and uprooted families. In these circumstances some criminals kidnapped many innocent children. This book discusses the fate of these children.

Abdul Rehman ki Rahai

Abdul Rehman is a kidnapped child of the authors “Kashmir Madad Series”. He was bought by a man from Dubai to be a jockey in a camel race. This thrilling book describes Abdul Rehman’s escape from his terrible predicament, while highlighting the very real issue of human trafficking in Pakistan.

Humain janay doo


Two girls Shaheen and Farheen are also kidnapped from Balakot region of Kashmir. These girls were sold to “Madam Ghancha” of “Bazar-e-Husn” as prostitutes. This book describes their attempts at escape and highlights the problems faced by young girls sold into the sex trade.

The fate of kidnapped children is part of this novel, which is also part of the “Kashmir Madad Series.”


Jaib  kutra aur bhakari kis nay banaya

The children in this book have been sold to gang of pickpockets and beggars. They first train the children and then send for pocket picking and begging. This book highlights the plight of poor children and their exploitation.

Gang pakra giya

Abdul Qadir is one of the children of Bakakot region of Azad Kashmir, who is kidnapped by a gang of thieves. This interesting book describes how his actions lead the police to arrest the gang.