My new book' LOVE BEYOND BORDERS ISBN: 9789384439736 for print and for e-book ISBN: 9789384439743,is out in Jan.2016.It’s a good read. It is also available on all major distributors.

Ibrahim my grandson, he is a Harvard University graduate. He like my book LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS  and I hope you will also like it.




The novel follows years of tumultuous Afghani history through the story of a prominent Afghan family. The story spans the invasion and subsequent occupation of Afghanistan, the reign of the Taliban government, the hope of withdrawal and the bittersweet blessing of a shattered but free Afghanistan.

From valiantly fighting against Soviet Russia as part of the Afghan resistance movement, to ensuring the success of a vicious drug trade, this sweeping epic ensures a gripping climax and maintains the sincerity and compassion of a family saga.

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My work has been awarded commendation certificate from National BooK Foundation, Ministary of Education Government of the Pakistan. My books "Doulat ki Tapish" and "Manzil" have gain merit for a commendation certificate by National Book Foundation under its scheme promotion of children literature.