About me


My forefathers belong to Afghanistan and from there they migrated to the then-India in the nineteen century. I am fully conversant with the feelings and aspirations of indigenous Afghans. I have written a series of books for children that have been published by Ferozsons, one of the oldest publishers of the sub-continent. My books are  widely appreciated and have formed a part of curriculum in some schools here in Pakistan.

These days I am writing a work of fiction titled                                         


This is a  novel about Afghanistan, it is a fictional narration of three generations of a prominent Afghan family, spanning from the invasion and subsequent occupation by the then superpower USSR, the coming to power of the Taliban government, to American occupation and a future withdrawal of foreign forces, leaving behind a free Afghanistan.

Although the novel is not complete; I have been contacted by many publishers from US and England. They have shown a keen interest in publishing it. . 

I am very grateful to my husband, General Zahid Ali Akbar Khan without whose help, support and encouragement I may not have been able to write this book.